What Is The Success Scenario?

Building for the Success Scenario:  Lime Mojito is a software development studio specializing in solving the success scenario for massive scale, high volume web delivered software products. Can you deliver your software and achieve your results? Can you prove it? We can.

The Business Situation

You develop a product for massive web delivered volume sales. You deploy to a global market. Your new product gains traction and has a viral growth surge. Your usage spikes from 100 to 100,000 users in a day.

What is the success scenario?

Success image
Success with Lime Mojito

After a week you have 2,000,000 users with an average monetization of 2 cents per user. You admire the revenue of $40,000 on the company bank statement at week one.

After three months of rapid growth you achieve a sustained average user base of 25,000,000 users. Your monthly subscriptions reward you with an average of $500,000 revenue per month.

After operating for one year your stable, high performance and scalable software has maintained your user base due to it’s management metrics and feedback on customer preferences and needs.  Your revenue at year one is $5,000,000 @ 2 cents per user.

You are a success, feel great and don’t need to worry about life anymore.

What is the failure scenario?

Failure image
Failure without Lime Mojito

Your software, unable to scale and broken at 10,000 users, rewards your potential customer’s interest with “This site is beyond capacity” pages at best, or error pages at worst.

Laughing at your unprofessional, broken product your potential customers fail to invest and you do not monetize your meager user base. Your funding is pulled, your business fails and you return to anonymity working in a dead-end job.

You cry yourself to sleep most nights regretting that you did not achieve success.

How can Lime Mojito help me achieve the Success Scenario?

choosing success or failure
Find the way with Lime Mojito

Lime Mojito specialises in delivering the scalability, metrics and superscalar performance required to make your software product survive viral growth.

Leveraging industry recognised, industrial strength solutions including Amazon Web Services, the Facebook Platform and Google Ad Sense we can custom design a solution to your success scenario that achieves all your product needs.  We have designed and implemented massive scale software.  We know how to test and prove that your software services can scale before launch.  We stop failure.  We achieve success.

Contact us to arrange an investigation into your success scenario.